Tuesday, January 19, 2010

God's Infinite and Awesome Provision

Man, I have to say that God is pretty stinkin' INCREDIBLE. I mean, we say that alot in church and believe it on some level, but to see God TOTALLY BLOW my tiny finite mind is for sure something to behold. Let me start with... I'm an Idiot sometimes. I have this innate ability to put God in a box and usually up on a shelf until I need something. Then when I do need Him I take my dusty little box down make unusual promises and oaths for what would be some miracle of sorts.
I.E. When 22 weeks pregnant with Bree the doctors told me that I was going to be having my baby that night and that she would not survive. I wasn't to laugh, hiccup, sneeze or anything. It was a bit crazy, but I knew/know that my God is bigger than that...but oh yeah I had to get Him out of the little box I had put Him in. So I had a heart to heart with HIM and made all these promises like the usual: quiet time everyday, deeper more intimate prayer life, reaching out to others in my same situation. Did I do any of what I promised God so that He would keep me and my Baby safe??? Not really. I did some things but not whole heartedly or consistently. He knew what He was up to all along. He knew exactly what was going on and had a perfect plan for me and Miss B. (The rest of this can be saved for another day).
The point is I know God can do big things, but when do I ask, or better question ...why do I generally only ask on the BIG things? I know He cares about little things to. Like where I placed my favorite bow of Bree's or to help the car to start when it won't. In the 25 years that I lived in a evangelist/pastor's home I've seen miracles, God's provision in people's lives time and time again. Why do I tend to not trust God with everything? This is a goal for 2010 and forever. Well, to get to the guts of the story our church this year did a big missions giving push in Mid-December. In my initial opinion not the right time with it being Christmas, but for Todd and I it was the perfect time. This year Todd and I had decided that we were going to buy new bedding for our master bedroom and redecorate a bit. We didn't really NEED anything and this is what we came up with. Well, more like what I came up with and he went along with. Anyway, when we started having missionaries come to our Sunday School Class we of course began to feel a burden to give. However, Todd and I have had several unexpected expenses with car repairs and bills come up recently. We began to pray and analyze our finances as to what we COULD AFFORD to give. We looked to see what we had given last year and we definitely couldn't repeat that. The church began to challenge the congregation on ways to save money to GIVE or areas that we could cut back on. Well, Todd and I decided that we didn't need to redecorate our room right now. That we could wait on that. That would be ok. Well we prayed and finally decided on a figure that stretched us, but God said to give this amount so we did.
All of a sudden things just started to happen. 1st: My parent's gave us a Cash gift for christmas in the exact amount of what we had given in the BIG GIVE. 2nd: My Brother, who joined the Army, gave us his bedroom furniture which is only a couple of years old and beautiful. We've been using my parents stuff from the early 80's. Totally helps with the whole wanting to redo the Master Bedroom 3rd: Todd got a bonus at work that we were not expecting at all. 4th: Our Tax Return is much more than we were expecting. All in all God in His infinite provision blessed us with more than 12 fold of what our original gift was. He truly is amazing. I Do NOT in any way write this to brag on us, but to give God the GLORY for his infinite and awesome provision in our lives. Thank you Jesus for giving us the oppurtunity to see ONCE AGAIN how truly faithful you are even when we are not consistent in our own faithfulness to you.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Year's Goals

I have to say that I am very glad to say bye to 2009. It has been a roller coaster of a year for me, and I'm hoping that I have a little more clarity and maturity going into 2010. This particular year end I really began to evaluate my life where I am and what I want to be. This may have actually started in October when I turned 29...the whole I only have one more year in my 20's freak out. Anyway, I have set a couple of GOALS, not resolutions, for myself. A couple of the focuses in my list this year was to make them small and achievable and in a set time frame. None of this 12 month straight stuff. Let's get real I'm a mom of a Toddler and can barely plan past the end of the week things are so unpredictable.

Well, so here are my goals for 2010:

1) Blog once a week. I think that blogging will help me express alot of what I tend to keep inside and also share fun things and good deals that I find. Thanks Heather for the inspiration and motivation to do this.

2)Document everyday of Breeleigh's life in 2010 with a picture. Basically, I'm going to take a candid random picture everyday. Thanks Jen for the idea on this one.

3)Redecorate my Master Bedroom and Bathroom by the summer. I say the summer because I have horrible wall paper in my bathroom that is going to have to be stripped off. Hopefully it won't take forever but just in case. Manageable goals!!!

4)Organize and decorate my house. When Todd and I moved in over 2yrs ago we didn't have alot of time to decorate the house before I was slammed into the hospital on bedrest with Bree. So I think 2yrs is long enough to go without much on the walls. Also, we discovered that we don't have much closet space in our house, so I've been on a bookshelf and basket rampage recently to store things and get this clutter organized. Now I just need some really cute chalkboard tags.

5)Lose Weight. Okay okay...I know this is everyone's New Year's goal, but seriously I need to drop a few pounds and mainly get in shape. We bought a Wii Fit a while back and I'm going to start using it. First manageable goal, work out twice a week. I feel great after working out and it motivates me to eat better. Who wants to do all that work and then blow it on some Starbucks Mocha Frappacino Ice Cream...oh yeah that's me. We'll work on that too.

Well folks that's it for the first post of the New Year. I've got some exciting things to share in the coming weeks about God's provision and just some cool new things I've found. Hope you stay tuned.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Free Spaghetti at Fazoli's

Hey everyone, do you like a quick meal that is good and doesn't cost alot every once in a while? Well, your in luck. Right now you can get free spaghetti at Fazoli's with the purchase of a drink good until 8/15/09. Just click here or just copy the pic. Happy Eats!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

This Saturday we decided to take it easy. It seems that the last couple of weeks we have been super busy with this, that, and the other. We thought about hitting some garage sales, but HELLO, it is August, in Houston, and way too stinking hot to even think about. Instead we decided to hit some of the local thrift stores. Well ,we ended up finding a couple of deals. We got Bree a couple of pairs of shoes for the fall and I found a really really nice red leather overnight bag, and it was all less than $10. My kind of deals. I was a little bummed though because I was looking for some bookcases for Bree's room and our den, but oh well I live to hunt another day.

After hitting 5 or so thrift shops we made our way to our care group get together at the Wilson's house. We had hamburgers and hot dogs and the kids had such a great time playing in the backyard. My child however decided that she did not like the grass. This girl is such a girly girl sometimes it cracks me up. I was definitely not that way at all. I loved to dig in the dirt, climb trees, and hang out with the boys. Bree on the other hand was not having any of that. She was quite happy hanging out on the porch and oh yeah whenever there was something in the yard that she was wanting she would try and lean way over to reach it. A sight to see. All in all we had a great time. Todd and I got to chat with our friends and Breeleigh got to play with her friends. I love watching her interact with other kiddos. She certainly is growing up way to quickly.

Breeleigh seeing her friend, Katelyn through the glass door.

I'm not touching that green stuff. It looks funny.

Seriously people I'm not going to touch it.

Well, if Katelyn is on the grass then

maybe I can try it.

Nope, I've decided that green stuff is not for me.

They make beautiful music together!!!

Our little prodigy...well a mother can hope.

Our little prodigy eating dirt. Yes that is dirt and not oreo.

She discovered the potted plant at the Wilson's house.

Yummy stuff!!!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Today Breeleigh and I went to the Memorial City mall to play. It is always a great outing when the weather is being fickel due to the fact that they have parking garages with covered access inside. However, I especially love that mall becuase they have a Target. How great is it that a super high end mall has a Target. I think it is every mother's dream. Honestly if they added a Ross or Marshalls I don't think I would ever leave. Well, as many may already know Target is having some Great deals and when I say "Great" imagine me saying it like Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes. I have to say I found some really neat toys for Bree at upwards of 75% off. I've been several times over the last two weeks to several Target's and now I am having to call it quits. Buying on a really good sale can be very addicting if you are not careful. Anyway, Bree was so good at Target, which is not always the case. I think that whenever we go shopping she thinks that she automatically should get some goldfish. That is her favorite snack right now. I guess I've used it one too many times in the past to keep her occupied. Oh well, whatever works I guess.

After the treasure hunt at Target we went to go play. We probably should have gone to play first, because it wasn't that crowded, but my Target craving got the best of me. Well no matter, we still had lots of fun. It is crazy to see her becoming so independent. She is awesome at climbing stairs and even sliding down the slide all by herself. She is getting way to big. Amazingly, she even held her ground around some of the bigger kids. She is definitely becoming a force to be reckoned with. By far though, my favorite part of this afternoon was that she would get so excited and just start running around laughing so hard. I love her sweet little laugh. It just tickled me and made my heart want to burst just hearing her have so much fun. We will definitely have to do this a little more often.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Todd's Birthday

Well, my hubby just turned 29. It is hard to believe that we are both a year away from being 30. I still feel like I'm 18...well at least in those few quiet moments when my 16 month old is not screaming or whining about something. It is funny how time flies. For Todd's birthday we had the oppurtunity to go see Coldplay in concert. I've never been really big on "secular music" especially since I grew up listening only to Christian music, but it was a really good time. Coldplay has been a fave of Todd's for quite some time and we have been wanting to see them live. I have to say that it lived up to all of our expectations. The show was just amazing. They had things being shot into the crowd and they even came into the crowd on two different occasions for acoustic sets. All in all we had a great time. However, we didn't get home until midnight after picking Breeleigh up at my parents and didn't make it to bed until 1am so I have to say the next day I was definitely feeling my age. Late nights are fun, but only every once in a while.

We ate dinner at Johnny Rockets and
the waiters give a show every hour or so.

Todd and I walking around Woodlands Market.

Coldplay playing "Yellow" they sent huge yellow balloons into the crowd.
It was awesome.

Us hanging out before Coldplay came on. It was so stinkin' hot.
Thankfully it cooled down a little later on.

Coldplay came into the crowd to do an acoustic set.
They were one section away from us.
It was pretty cool to see them up close.

While they were playing "Lovers in Japan" they shot paper butterflies into the air.
They did it a couple of times at the verse. Really cool.

Another pic of the butterflies being shot into the air.

Second time coming into the crowd they headed to the lawn.
They played an acoustic version of MJ's "Billy Jean".

Just a cool stage pic of the band.

The Finale!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Boomerang Express

VBS was last week and what a blast it was. It was my first VBS experience at the MET and I was totally impressed. It is definitely a very well run and organized ministry. I have to say that the biggest treat was getting to work along side many of my friends serving in 3rd grade. We definitely got to see a different side of each other. Amanda definitely stands out the most. She was incredible in leading as the 3rd grade director. She kept us running smoothly and MOST DEFINITELY kept those kiddos in line. For the most part the kids were well behaved, but there are always a couple that are a bit rowdy. It does make me wonder if I had that much energy at that age. WOW!!! It was insanity how bubbly and energized they were. I really had alot of fun!!! Breeleigh also had a great time at her first VBS. I was a little concerned about some seperation anxiety on her part, but her teachers, everyday, said that she was perfect. I have to say though that her teachers were pretty awesome. All in all VBS was alot of fun and we had, from what I heard, over 100 decisions to follow Christ. Praise the Lord! I can't wait until next year!!! I hear it is a western theme.

On our way to the 1st day of VBS

Going for a spin in the Bye Bye Buggy

End of day 1 and Bree was exhausted. She took a 3.5hr nap.

On the way home one day Bree got a hold of her name tag and

ripped it up and had it stuck all over herself.